20161125_062005.jpgMy morning, Friday, November 25, 2016.
It is dawn. There is a small boat twenty yards off the coast. Two guys stand on the shore pulling in a huge net. A third guy is swimming underwater helping at the far end of the net. I watch as together they pull the net for 12 minutes. Then the third guy swims to the shoreline. When he sees me he swims toward the boat to retrieve his underwear. Naked he runs up the beach to put them on. Only then does he come to assist in the pulling. Finally the net is in. It appears empty. But I see some movement, some small fish flopping back and forth. They are small enough to be picked up with one hand and thrown into a bucket. Maybe 15 small fish. The third guy then swims back to the small boat, hops in and while standing he paddles to bring the boat closer. The net is loaded into the boat, another 10 minutes. When they finish, with a beautiful, warm, broad smile the third guy stands up, waves and calls good bye in his lovely kreyol accent. I bid them farewell and wish them luck. As they paddle away, two men are rowing and the third is bailing water from the boat which obviously has a leak. They paddle out for maybe 5 minues, drop the net and begin again. Ayiti, how I love the lessons you teach me ~ perseverance, patience, joy and gratitude.

Driving here I struggled with the inequities of life, that as I passed by homes that offer little protection from wind and rain I can afford to go on vacation for a few days. I know that the money I spend on this vacation will provide a living to the many Haitians employed here. That knowledge does not eliminate my discomfort. It does however cause me to reflect upon what I am doing here in Haiti, to question if my presence is making a difference in anyone’s life, to ask myself how I can be more effective, to wonder what God’s plan is for me.

For today I will focus on the lessons I learned from the three fishermen. I will try to emulate them. And I will continue to search for a deeper understanding of His will in my life.


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