I met Jude last weekend while on a walk around the neighborhood. He was in the process of making a truck. His materials consisted of small pieces of aluminum, plastic soda bottle caps and a rock, his only tool. With the rock he was patiently forming a fold in the aluminum so that he could wrap one piece around another to secure it in place.

When I asked Jude if I could watch him work and take some photos he smiled brightly and asked if I would like to see a completed truck.  As soon as I said yes he quickly jumped up off the dusty ground, climbed up onto a nearby structure, scurried across the top of the roughly made wooden frame and out of sight. He came back several seconds later with this amazing work of art.

20161218_091555Jude, who is twelve years old, was proud of his work and delighted that I was interested. He had a small group of friends sitting and watching him, learning from their bright friend.

Haiti is a country full of creative people; people who take scraps of different materials and form them into useful objects, people who make do with what they have, people who find a way no matter how dire their circumstances may be.

I hope I am always amazed by this, that my wonder never ceases, that instead I, too, am inspired to reuse or re-purpose the things I have. I appreciate the lessons I learn here in Haiti and love that even a twelve year old boy named Luke can inspire me to live differently.


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