Klas Patisri

In October of 2016 Lavi Soléy, a center for women in Gwomòn, expanded to include baking and sewing classes. The center is one of several programs supported by Mercy Beyond Borders, all of which are focused on forging ways for women and girls in extreme poverty to learn, connect and lead.

On December 15 and 16 the baking students had their mid-term assessment which included both written and practical exams. On the day of the practical exam the women arrived at 9:00 a.m. to begin preparing their recipes for exposition and judging at 3:00 the same afternoon.  The Center was abuzz with activity, laughter and delightful aromas. No box cake mixes for these women; instead they beat butter or shortening with sugar for up to four hours to ensure its’ creaminess.  Here is a short video clip of some of the women preparing their recipes.


The end results were delicious. I served as a judge and admit to eating far too much! After changing their clothing for the presentation, one by one the women processed into the room to show off their work. Some danced their way into the room while others shyly walked in. All were smiling, proudly wearing the M.B.B. Lavi Soléy uniforms. They are happy and proud to be learning a skill that will provide an opportunity for them to earn a living. And I am happy to play a small part in the process.


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