Madam Dessalines


This afternoon I learned that a dear friend in Basen died this past week. I first met Madam Dessalines in 2011 and have visited her during each of my trips to Basen.  She was always so happy to see me and I loved to just sit with her and listen to her stories. We would sit side by side, often holding hands.

She was an amazing women who was raising her three orphaned grandchildren. Over the years she had become more frail and suffered from leg and back pain. Years of laboring in her gardens, washing clothes by hand at the river and cooking over a pot sitting on stones on the ground had wreaked havoc on her small frame. For the past two years she was unable to walk to Mass. Always when we spoke she mentioned the Lord and how grateful she was for His presence in her life. No matter how difficult her situation she found comfort in knowing that God knew her every need.

Please keep her grandchildren in your prayers. Her grandsons are very young and I wonder who will care for them now. Their names are Tchembert and Aslet and both are students at the school at St. Laurent. Her granddaughter, Rose-Berchise, lives and attends school in the nearby city of Gonayiv. My heart aches for them.



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