Hard at work.


The link above is a short video clip of these two small boys taken this past Friday.  They were so happy and proud that I noticed what they were doing and stopped to take a video.20170714_122113 There is a house being built in town for the family of the boy on the left. Their need is tremendous and these two are so happy to help out in any way they can, even it that means spreading the sifted soil a bit.

The needs of this family are tremendous. They were living in two small one room houses which consisted of dirt floors, cracked and crumbling walls and bed sheets. The family consists of a grandfather in his seventies, a grandmother who suffered a massive stroke in November and is unable to walk or talk, a single mom of six children, who is also currently responsible for her four nieces and nephews while her sister works four hours away in Port-au-Prince. Additionally there is her first grandson who was born two months ago, the son of her eldest daughter. Fourteen people.

This month the mom of six is cooking for our Summer Camp, arriving before 5:00 a.m. each day and working until 4:00 p.m. She is always smiling, often laughing and joking despite the long hours spent over a charcoal fire or bent over washing the aluminum cups,bowls and spoons for 300 students. She is so grateful to have a job and know that soon her family will be in their new two room house with cement floors. Yes, still only two rooms for fourteen people but sound, solid walls, a sturdy roof and a cement floor!

A 2007 World Bank study found that a substitution of dirt floors with cement flooring leads to a 78% reduction in parasitic infestations, a 49% reduction in diarrhea and an 81% reduction in anemia. This new home will absolutely change the lives of these people. No wonder the little guys want to help!



2 thoughts on “Hard at work.”

    1. The is an annual building project subsidized by a group of students from Ireland who raised most of the money and work alongside a Haitian crew. They collaborate with the RJM’s as far as selecting the family.


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